Tuesday, December 18, 2007

7 Days Until Christmas!

Yikes! I've mailed all of 3 Christmas cards so far, still have a couple gifts to buy, and need to bake more Christmas cookies because the ones I had stashed in the freezer for safe keeping are mysteriously disappearing. (As Meg told me, "Mom the hiding things in the freezer trick doesn't work anymore, we caught on a long time ago.") Meg did all her shopping on Amazon last week and we have been receiving boxes for her daily, which I keep threatening to open while she is at work. I'm hoping she went to my Amazon wish list. You do know I have an Amazon wish list, right?
Brewier and I braved two malls today! The first was the Mall at Millinia, which is still being fragrenced through the air ducts with nasty smelling mens aftershave. We went for the sole purpose of buying Apple Care for my computer, paying for part of it with a soon to expire mall gift card. Well I went to pay, and the cashier said to use it I would have to get into the cash line. No Thanks! Have you seen how busy the Mac stores are? So i put it all on my credit card.
We then went to the Florida Mall, (where there is also a Mac store,) so I could go to Bare Escentuals to buy my perfect lipstick color. This mall just smelled like many overly perfumed people. The rest of the afternoon has been spent trying to figure out what to get Brewiers parents, the hardest people in the world to buy for, for Christmas. I'm thinking a Walmart gift card. They like Walmart.Everytime I go to Walmart all I can hear is Elvis Costello's song, "This is Hell," playing in my head.

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