Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Much Less Disappointing Day....So It Was a Good Day.

A really good day actually. It was 47 degrees last night meaning I could sleep under my goose down duvet, meaning it was so warm and cosy that I slept in untill 8am. Because of the cold there weren't too many garage sales, but I did manage to score a few finds. The best thing I found was a pair of brand new GAP jeans at Goodwill, that fit me perfectly. In the past week I've tried on over 20 pairs of jeans at various mall stores trying to find something to fit....but I remembered to pray about finding a pair today. After lunch Brewier and I went to Costco and found the parking lot FULL! Oh yeah, this is the weekend before Thanksgiving. We went in anyway, (all we needed was a potroast,) and walked around feasting on all the samples that were out. Because it was a busy shopping day, all the cash registers were open and we got throuhg the line faster than ever before.
I baked all afternoon, apple pie, pot roast and veggies, and am now awaiting Greg, Melissa and the boys, who are joining us for dinner. My house smells soooo good.

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