Thursday, November 29, 2007

More Bottles!

So after drilling all the holes for our wine bottle tree, we decided it looked a little skimpy. Fortunately we had another fence post and Brewier drilled holes to space the bottles 4 inches apart....meaning we need 40 more wine bottles. We were able to get 27 of them from a wine bar down on Park Ave. tonightt, for which Brewier gets the, "Gold Star Husband Award, " because not only has he been up since 3:30 am, but we had to walk in the rain to get to the wine bar and Brewier hates to be wet in the rain. I'm hoping we can collect the rest of the needed bottles tomorrow.

Megan and I were on ichat again, (and yes those pesky Jdate guys are still IMing me,) and Justin was on line, so we were able to have a three way chat with him! He even took his computer outside to show us the Colorado snow.

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