Friday, November 16, 2007

Megan and Tricias Day of Fun! Disappointment.

It started at 7am. Megan and I were offered jobs that paid very well, doing what we love, working on an art installation. We went to the warehouse where the work was being done and I ddn't last 2 minutes before I started having trouble breathing. Megan made it 15 minutes. Evan sitting in my car I was having trouble, then I noticed all the fiberglass blowing around in the air.
To make up for the disappointment Meg and I decided we would go to Ikea and Mall at Millinea. We arrived at Ikea, parking at the mall and walking to the store, joining the hoards filing into the store. We went up the escalater and realized we weren't able to breathe there either. Too much new construction, so of we went to the mall. We entered Crate and Barrel and practicaly ran through the store trying to get away from all the new furniture fumes. We entered the general mall area and started gagging. It smelled as though the mall floors had been mopped in mens cologne, and the farther in the mall we went the stronger it became. Apperently the mall has started to pump fragrance in through the heating and air system. We did manage to duck into Anthropologie, but they were burning scented candles. I'll stop our tale of woe there, but I will tell you everywhere else we tried to go, we were met with the same toxic situation.
So now we are home enjoying clean air and a pot of tea, visiting stores on line.

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