Sunday, November 18, 2007

I Need to Start Some Heavy Drinking.

(You want to join me Sarah?) I need wine bottles. Lots of wine bottles. I thought after saving them for over a year I would have enough, (I need 50) but I'm only halfway there. Brewier and I started working on our wine bottle Christmas tree today. We found a fence post that someone was throwing out, (my neighbors toss the best stuff!) to use as the trunk, but had to purchase $36 worth of dowel rods for the branches. Brewier is in the process of drilling all the holes for the dowels, I'm in charge of the chop saw. Mwah hahahaha.( Everytime Gregory is in our garage he asks if I would give him my saw for Christmas.) The desk in the background is one of our garage sale treasures that we picked up for Matthew for $20.
Brewier is off to pick up a stromboli, then we are going to hit the streets and rumage through our neighbors recycle bins and see if we can find some wine bottles.
Mission accomplished. We picked up 15 bottles tonight. I figure after Thanksgiving it'll be easy to find 10 more.
By the way, do you have any idea how noisy it is carrying a garbage bag full of wine bottles?
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