Monday, November 26, 2007

I Missed My Blog Birthday!

It was Oct 31, I have been blogging for five years now! Who knew I could write so much about so little....kind of like Seinfeld.
I've decided to take Jessica's lead and try to make some money on my blog with Pay Per Post. Why not get paid for something I do already? Its the perfect opportunity for someone like me, who is unable to work outside the home...who couldn't use a little extra cash? I have to do something so support my shoe and handbag habit. I like the fact that PPP is very upfront and ethical with their advertising.....they want to make sure that people reading my blog know that its an ad, which is why I'm writing this post.

My brother Ken and his family left yesterday for the long drive home to Ky, planning to get there around 9pm, midnight at the latest. I just got a call from him. They are in TN. Driving down I-4, they could not resist the magnetic pull of the new Ikea and ended up spending 4 hours shopping and eating a lunch of the famous Swedish meatballs. He talked excitedly of all the cool stuff Ikea had, and the great prices, and how much fun it was. I'm so jealous....I hope the store outgases quickly

Stephanie and Ken came bearing gifts for us of, art books, the Artful Blogging magazine, chocolates, and Pampered Chef goodies. I did all my house cleaning last night so I could spend today looking at the art books, (while eating chocolate of course,) and dare I say, work on my Etsy shop. And Jessica, I know you are disappointed when I blog early, so I promise you can look forward to another post later in the day.

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