Friday, October 26, 2007

This is a Large?

Okay Sarah N., this is for you. I went through the Chick-Filla drive thru Wed. at 5pm. I ordered two large fries, and didn't look in the bag when it was handed to me. I got home, and this is how full my large fries were filled. Justice. I want justice!

Thursday Brewier and I went to Tampa to see Addison. Ray and Jessica were there too. Jessica mentioned a new buisness she had seen, a chocolate bar, and asked if I wanted to go check it out with her. Silly question. So we pulled up in front of "Choxotica," and you can't see in the windows, but there is a neon sign in the window that says, "LIVE'" and more signage tht says, "video taping in progress." Jess and I look at each other. Dare we go in? What exactly is in there? (pornographic chocolate? Exotic dancers wrestling in the advertised liquid chocolate?) Lets find out.
Nirvana, I tell ya. Walls lined with bars of chocolate. A liquid chocolate "bar", and samples. Lots of samples. Jessica has found her happy place.

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