Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Things I'm Thinking About Today.

I'm eating a, "Nana's Coconut Chip," cookie right now, sold as one cookie in its own little package. I looked at the nutrition info on the back and this one cookie is listed, in very tiny print, as being two servings. No, no, no! One cookie, one serving! Don't try to play with the nutritional facts by lisitng it as two servings. Seriously. Who is going to cut their cookie in half and save part for tomorrow?

I came in from work a little while ago and my house smells like margaritas. I picked limes off our tree last night and they are so juicy and fragrant. I was making salsa and got a lime to put some juice in, and I always roll my limes and lemons first so they are easier to juice. Well I put my lime on the counter and started to press on it and all this essential lime oil came out! My hand was oily wet, my counter was oily wet...this was one healthy lime. Because it was lime oil, I smelled like a margarita all night. I kept putting my hands up to my nose for a whiff. Mmmmmm.

(see how shiny and oily it is!) (are you tired of the word oily yet?)

Last January during National Delurking Week, Jane made herself known, meaning I could start reading her blog. We now have a photo blog together. Its amazing how well she and her friend Sandra know me, just by reading what I write about here. I think the three of us would be very good friends...if I lived in Canada. Hmmmm, I bet I could breathe better in Canada.

I have almost one hundred people a day who read my blog. I know who, about 25 are. Ya'll need to delurk.

I just finished my cookie. I feel sick. Maybe I should have cut it in half.

*Its an hour later and I still feel sick. forget about cutting it in half. I'm not ever eating it again.*

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