Wednesday, October 03, 2007

There Is No Escaping Bruno.

I stopped by Greg and Melissas while out running errands this morning and after visiting a bit Melissa invited me to go to the Drunken Monkey, a new coffee bar on Bumby that is already my favorite place to hang out. (I hope it doesn't become pretentious like Stardust did.) I was peering into the pastry case while Melissa decided what to order and what did my eyes behold but Brunos partries. I asked the woman, (one of the owners I believe,) behind the case, "Are these Brunos pastries?" She answered, "They might be. Nobody has ever asked us that before.....How did you know?!" "I know my desserts, and these are the best." She seemed happy to here that.
Remember how I said I was going to start my allergy diet today? Well Melissa told me to order anything I wanted, her treat. Brunos pastries, coffee roasted fresh daily...... I had WATER. Yes, water. I'm kinda proud of myself right now.

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