Thursday, October 04, 2007

Moonbabies....Thats What You're Hearing.

Startles you, doesn't it? Last night was the premier of the Moonbabies music video, "At the Ballroom," that Brewier was in. I was invited but apparently I had used up all my breathing points for the day and had to stay home :( I was more than a little bummed. Brewier did recieve a copy of the video...I'd like put it on you tube.....but I think maybe I should wait and let the band do that. Brewier also got a copy of their cd. Yay! Because I was going to buy it, and free is so much nicer.
When he was filming he asked Carina and Ola why they named themselves Moonbabies. They said because they worked on their music at night and their songs were their babies. Makes sense.

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