Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I've been watching the news and the coverage of the wildfires in California. It made me think of Jessica, when she was little...and not so little. We live in a state plagued with hurricanes, wildfires, sinkholes and lightning strikes, and because of this, we as a family would talk about what we should do incase of emergencies. This had a BIG impact on Jessica. It's the reason she gave Megan the bigger bedroom. The one with the sliding glass door that had a security pin at the top that Jessica knew she'd never be able to open if she were stuck in her bedroom during a fire. She took the bedroom with the easy to crawl out window. Let Megan fend for herself.
Jessica always has had an emergency bag next to her bed that she could grab if she needed to get out quick. I think she started doing this when she was about five. It held essentials like books a flash light, photos, Odyessy tapes and clothing that was regularly changed out as she grew....what else was in there Jess? Do you still have one tucked next to your bed?

I still have the news on and it is being reported that the democrats are blaming the fires on the fact that we are at war with Iraq. Yes people, if we weren't at war there would be no santa ana winds.

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