Tuesday, October 16, 2007

And the World Didn't End!

I wasn't on the computer AT ALL yesterday! Things have been busy here, hence the lack of posting. Sunday Brewier opened the garage sale for another 4 hours and made $60! Then we cleaned up the garage and loaded everything in his car to take to Goodwill. Around 5pm we went to David and Renees to borrow an air mattress and ended up ordering stromboli, and visiting for several hours, with the evenings entertainment being provided by Olivia and Eva.

Late Sunday night Terri arrived from Texas with 5 of her 6 children and her grandson in tow, here for a week long visit. They were all pretty tired yesterday so most of the day was spent just hanging out at home. We did manage a picnic at the park, with the girls excitedly finding mussel shells along the shore. They've never been to the ocean and the one thing they wanted to get while in Florida was shells. I guess this will hold them over until we go to the beach tomorrow.

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