Monday, October 22, 2007

And the Day Went Where?

I woke up this morning all fired up and determined to get my etsy shop going. Did tht happen? Noooo. Laundry, cooking and grocery shopping happened instead. Things were desperate here....down to two rolls of t.p. and nearly out of produce...I get panicky when my produce is low. Megan was going to help meset up shop, but she is sick and running a temp. Matthew is sick too, and I haven't been feeling so great this afternoon either. I will not get sick, I will not get sick.
My house i so quiet. I'm kind of missing these girls:

I never really wrote about my visit with Terri and her family. It was noisy, but fun. Her girls are very sweet, they never fought.. Have I mentioned that their family of 9 live in a house that is just under 1400 square feet? They all agree its size is just perfect for them...I think its one reason they all get along so well and are such a content bunch.

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