Thursday, September 13, 2007

Stupid Things I've Done This Week.

Mostly yesterday and today.
-I made my loved ones broccoli salad, black beans and corn all for the same meal. Today we are quite the musical family...and I don't mean in the, "Von Trapp," kind of way. Sorry y'all.....oh, and stay away from open flames.
-I was shredding cabbage, (different meal!) and jammed the cabbage into the shoot...or what I thought was the shoot of my food processer. In actuality it was the open end of the plungger, and I had to pry all that cabbage out bit by bit.
-I was following an online tutorial, making a reusable fabric shopping bag, and sewed the handles closed. Twice.
It looked like a wifebeater with the arm holes sewn shut.
-I looked up from the sofa to tell Brewier something and looked directly into the Solatube. I'm now mostly blind.

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