Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Scary Billboard.

Brewier and I were driving home from Tampa this evening and as we are heading into Orlando I see it. The huge clown billboard with glowing red eyes. It is, as almost always, silent in the car. I'm trying not to look at the billboard, but the thing is big, and really close to the edge of the road, and just like a horrible car wreck you don't really want to see; my eyes are drawn to it. "ok," I think to myself in my very quiet car. "This is just a billboard....even if it does have creepy glowing eyes. I will stare this thing down until we pass it." And so I stare, and just as we get next to the sign, and I am staring into those glowing red eyes, Brewier grabs my leg, shakes it, and goes, "MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
Yeh, love you too sweetie.

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