Saturday, September 01, 2007

More Pastry.

Last night while my entire family was over having a farewell party for Greg, Melissa and the boys, I told them about Brunos and the amazing, to die for (or marry,) pastry.
We all decided we should go get pastry sometime. For Brewier, that meant this morning. So after a fruitless drive around Orlando looking for garage sales, we headed for Sanford, a nearly 20 mile drive, to go to Lisa's garage sale and to get pastry. I bought some things from Lisa, she has funky/cool taste and it was a great sale, then we went on to Brunos. I walked throught he door of the bakery, visions of sweets dancing before me....but wait..... that's my Mom and Dick sitting in the shop eating croissants! I was so focused on what I was going to eat I didn't even noticed we parked right behind their car!
They agree, these are the best baked goods ever.

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