Saturday, September 22, 2007

No, No, No!

Today as Brewier and I headed out to garage sale, I let him know I was going to need a cup of coffee from McDonalds, but not just any McD's, I needed it from the downtown one, that is always busy, and always has fresh coffee for 27 cents. Our morning went something like this:
B, "Theres a garage sale sign!"
Me, "Coffee!"
B. "Heres another garage sale!"
Me, "Coffee, coffee!"
B. "Do you want to head over to McDonalds?"
And I, loather of McDonalds, who has now become hooked on their coffee said, "Floor it Jeeves!"
And we were off. In five minutes time we were turning onto McDonalds Road, when I was kicked in the stomach and left with my mouth hanging open, because this is what my McDonalds now looks like.

Where did it go? Why didn't someone warn me? It was there two weeks ago! Even Brewier was stunned by its disappearence. I rode home in silence, turning down his offer of coffee from some other venue.
So this is where I'm spending my day, mourning, reading craft books and drinking TEA! understand, don't you Jess?

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