Friday, September 07, 2007

Hmmmm, Guess Where I Am.

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Brewier had a meeting in Tampa so Meg and I tagged along. Isn't Addison adorable. C'mon, you know she is.

Yesterday I gave myself a french manicure. Growing up i always wanted long nails, I would take tape and wrap it around the tips of my fingers to simulate nails. I even tried press on nails when I was a teenager. That lasted about 15 minutes. It felt like I had weights glued onto the ends of my fingers, not unlike how they feel when they are painted.
Once I had children I resisgned myself to a life of short nails realizing I did not have the genetic makeup it takes to grow them . So why the photo? Because these totally don't look like my hands. This is the result of taking my vitamins everyday for six months. Cool. I kept showing Brewier and making him tell me how nice they looked. I told him now that they were painted I was sure to break one. So guess what happened this morning? How is it possible to break a nail while shampooing your hair? Hmmph!

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