Monday, August 20, 2007

Whoosh, And the Day Was Gone

I had plans of getting all my laundry house cleaning done today, but all that was forgotten when my Mom showed up to whisk Megan and I away for the day. Our first stop was McDonalds, for coffee. Its in the genes I'm tellin ya.
Then she took us onto UCF's campus to show us how it has changed. Its a whole city unto its self! It reminded me of Baldwin Park only with better stores and restraunts. They even have a Barnes and Noble!
We then stopped at Moms new house, Meg and I hadn't seen it yet. Very nice! From there we went to Oveido mall to look for a wedding dress for Megan. Our first stop was Dillards and we were able to get her dress, earrings and lingerie there. What a relief to have that done. A quick bite of lunch and some shopping at TJ Max, and before we knew it it was 3:30.
I came hame and made some coconut and macadamia nut tarts to take to Darlenes for dinner tonight. She had us over so we could visit with Tim and Joanne, friends of ours who are missionaries in England. I hadn't talked to Joanne in four years, ( how did that happen?) yet when we get together its like we've never been apart. Sarah, we missed you.

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