Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ta Da!

Lisa and John were over last night, (dinner and games,) and Lisa reminded me that I had not yet posted photos of our bathroom remodel. I wish I had before photos, but they all disappeard when my hard drive crashed, (I still need to learn how to back stuff up.) In short, it was a 1968 bathroom with a dark fake wood cabinet, pinkish brown tub, sink and toilet, two ugly globe lights. There was tile halfway up all the walls and a built in linen closet, making it hard for more than one person to be in there at a time. It also smelled bad. Brewier tore EVERYTHING out. Ceiling, walls, even the what you see is all new. It in no way, thankfully, resembles our old bathroom.
One of the things we did that I really like, is to recess the toilet paper holder. The toilet is in this narrow space, and is hidden when you open the bathroom door. Weird, but to costly to move.
This project was done on a very tight budget. We found the marble tile at Costco for less than $2 a sq foot. The toilet, tub, sinks, mirrors, and wall tile were all from Lowes. The fixtures were bought on line from Overstock. The cabinet is an audio pier from Target that is perfect for storing towels.
Our biggest cost was labor. I would have loved to done it my self, but can't breathe around any of the construction stuff : (
We still want to replace or paint the ugly orange doors, and I'd like new towels and some art in there, but right now I'm thrilled just to have a new bathroom!

This is a Pottery Barn wall vase that I've loved forever, but at $40, it wasn't in my budget. The $2 I paid for it at a garage sale was. Yippee!

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