Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Parts of My Day.

Megan just came skipping and jumping excitedly from her room, clapping her hands together, just like when she was little and it was her birthday. "Someone has bought us the green cast iron teapot off our registry!" she said as she continued bouncing around. (She Really, really wanted this teapot,) " I feel guilty checking the registery all the time.....but its so much fun." Then under her breath, "It's so addictive."

You can read Megans version of this story and see apicture of the coveted teapot, HERE

Sam and Gregory were over for a visit, and poor Sammy has a cold. He had an old fashioned cloth diaper he carried around, wiping his nose every couple of minutes, and as the afternoon wore on, he just looked more and more pitiful. When Melissa came to take the boys home, and saw how sick Sam was, she told him he could go home and watch tv. "Can I watch a violent movie?" He asked. This from the boy who loves sparkly jewelry and catalogs. After studying Solomon in the Bible, was asked by his mother what he would ask God for. "Jewels, wealth and power," was his reply. Yeah, we're kind of happy he wanted to watch a guy movie.

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