Friday, August 31, 2007

Its Late. I'm Tired.

But its been a good day. This morning Megan and I went to Sanford to visit Lisa and go to a pastry shop she found. As an avid baker and lover of real food, (no lowfat, nonfat, sugar free or unnatural products for me please,) I'm always skeptical of bakeries and what so many people consider good pastry, but Lisa said it was really yummy... so twist my arm and make me eat dessert. We drove up to Brunos European Bakery and I was not impressed. It's an old "A frame" house with a broken up concrete parking lot. Things did not look good. Upon entering we wer pleasently greeted by a willow wisp of a woman with a french accent, and the decor looked nothing like the outside of the shop. It was lovely, but what really grabbed my attention was all the french pastry and breads...ooolala! We ordered a sandwich and three dessets, went to the little table in the shop and started attacking the food, but in a very lady like way. Oh My Goodness! Sheer bliss and little bites of heaven! This is the best stuff I've EVER tasted! I love it so much I'd marry it!

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