Saturday, August 04, 2007

Doin Time in the Naughty Chair.

And it took everything I had not to break into laughter as I talked to Gregory about the sins he commited. I have only a few things in the house that are off limits to Sam and Greg, the the things on the entry table are on the list. Especially Megans bird Pierre, the one she bought at the Winter Park Art Festival. Imagine my horror tonight as I'm doing dishes and Gregory comes toward me with just Pierre in his hand saying, "I sorry! I sorry!" I put my hand over my mouth and did a sharp intake of breath , scaring Gregory and causing him to cry, all the while saying he was sorry. I told him I understood he was sorry but he still needed to sit in the naughty chair so we could talk. He hopped into the chair and I reminded him he was not allowed to touch Megans bird. "It jumped!' He told me. "No Gregory," I said, "It is not alive and can not jump." "YES! It jumped...into my hand!" Melissa and I just looked at each other ready to burst out laughing, but instead I told Greg that now not only did he touch something he wasn't supposed to, but he was telling me a lie. "NO, it jumped." That was his story and he sticking to it, finally faling asleep in the naughty chair.

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