Friday, July 27, 2007

Today Megan and another employee from Chamberlins, were giving a talk on organic foods at the library, complete with samples. I gave Melissa a call and we decided to meet up and sit in on the festivities. I put Gregory on my lap to talk to him and to keep him from running around the room like a wild man, and as we were chatting about all the different snacks we were going to get he informed me quite loudly that his mommy gave him beer cookies. When I told Melissa this she asked, "Has he told you about the new daddy he has, because his other one is dead?" He is starting young with the tall tales. After a trip to Target for slurpies and a quick trip to Melissas' haouse we decided to go out to a new liquor store and get Melissas mom a bottle of Starbucks liquor for her birthday. We put the boys in their car seats and headed to the store, (just a couple of blocks from their house.) We were almost there when Sammy asked me where we were going. As we pulled into the parking lot I said to him, "To the beer store." He looked out the window, saw the store and excitedly shouted, "Total wine! Yay!!" Yep, thats where we were.

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