Monday, July 30, 2007

A Series of What Could Have Been, Unfurtunate Events.

This morning Megan and I went out to shop for and price compare things we are going to need for her wedding. By 1:30 we were starving, so we went to Little Siagon to pick up some lunch. The parking lot was very full, part of it being taken up by roofing trucks and equipment, due to a new roof being put on the building. As I sat there in my car I noticed lots of large insects flying around.....on landed on my wind shield and I saw that they were inch long roaches. Ewww. I started watching the bugs and realized the truck sitting next to me was infested with them. Not wanting my car to suffer the same fate, I decided to do a pull through in the parking lot when the car that was parked facing me left. I didn't get far. Apperently I was in one of the few spaces that have one of those parking barrier/curb things. My front wheels were atop of it, when i realized what was happening and as soon as I let out the clutch to try and reverse, my car went onver the curb making horrific scraping noises. My car sits only four or fiver inches fro the ground and I was stuck. Meg and I tried to lift it over the curb, (stop laughing,) but we really needed more people. By now the roofers were more interesed in what we were doing than their roofing job. I called Brewier, told him my predicament, and asked him to come rescue me. In the mean time Megan and I sat in the car, taking up two coveted parking spots, and eating ou lunch ...while watching roaches fly all around. Can I tell ya I really didn't enjoy my lunch much? While eating we did have to gus come and try to help us out...but they weren't very strong, so off they went to lunch. Brewier arrived shortly thereafter, and the three of us tried lifting the car over the curb. Didn't budge. By now it was starting to rain, Florida style, and the roofers were scurrying to get off the roof. They were all standing watching us so Megan decided she would go over and see if they would help us out. (We weren't sure if any of them spoke English.) I watched as she walked over to them, and they looked pretty happy to see her walking their way. She said they looked like happy little puppy dogs with big smiles. They couldn't help her fast enough and ran over to the car, lifting it up and over the curb in a matter of seconds, smiling the whole time. By now it was pouring, and they hurried back to the shelter of the restraunt awning.....still smiling and waving. Ahhh, the advantages of having a beautiful, friendly daughter.

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