Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I bought some flowers for the 4th, while I was grocery shopping, I love fresh flowers. I didn't have time to fool with them when I got home so I stuck them in a glass of water by the sink. A few hours later I pulled them out of the glass trimmed the stems and made them all pretty.

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What I didn't do was dump the glass of surprisingly clear flower water, that was sitting where Brewier keeps his glass of drinking water. You know where I'm going with this don't you? yeah. Brewier came home from a meetiing, nice and thirsty and took a big gulp of the water, then started sputtering and choking, asking, "Yuck! What is in this water? Yuck! Nasty!" Thats when I realized I forgot to dump the flower water. Sorry sweetie.

So incase you haven't been able to tell from my pathetic little posts, I've been a bit down in the dumps lately. My spirits were greatly lifted when I received an actual piece of mail yesterday. I love snail mail! My SIL Stephanie wrote me the sweetest note, telling me she was thinking of me, and included a Starbucks card. {{Thank you Stephanie.}}

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