Friday, July 13, 2007

New Plan.

I was all packed last night and ready to head to Tampa with Brewier when he got a phone call from an agent in Miami. She was calling him to ask if he could come to an audition today. She had called him previously on this and he turned it down. Apparently the client, (Volvo) didn't like anyone they had seen thus far and after viewing Brewiers headshot, asked to see him. It would be such a financial blessing if he got the part. Next week he is auditioning for an HBO movie. If he got both those jobs I might actually dance in public.
Instead of going to Miami...a place that makes Walmart look inviting, I grabbed Gregory for the day. He is such a blast to hang out with. We started the day with a trip to Toys R Us where we bought a truck with tools to take it apart, then we went to visit Lisa and have lunch with her, and see her new house...very nice. (Thanks for buying special groceries for me Lisa.) The day has flown by and I'm hoping Brewier gets home in time to go get fried shrimp for dinner : )

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