Monday, July 09, 2007

It Was So Good.

The day and the coffee cake. I gave Lisa a call this morning, (sorry I woke you up) to see if she would want to share in my coffee cake. She did, and headed over my way. We ended up going to a thrift store, where we made out like bandits. I've taken pictures of our finds, but have to wait until I have a computer to post them. Yes, I am computerless again, though I did just recieve an email from Apple saying a request for my new computer to be sent to me was just submitted.
So anyway, the coffee cake is amazing and Darlene was even able to visit and enjoy it with us. It was practically a party.
Random fact for today: I ate a McDonalds hamburger today. I haven't had one in 5-6 years. I also ate at Hotdog Hevean for lunch. Darlene asked me to call her tomorrow before I die.

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