Sunday, July 01, 2007

I Miss My Computer.

Did I mention it has been sent back to apple again? Thats why I didn't post yesterday. I'm on Brewiers pc right now and it seems to be dying a noisy yet slow painful, (to me,) death, going into a coma every now and then, usually when I'm in the middle of typing something. Brewier was gone all day yesterday filming the music video and Megan was at work so I cleaned my house.....again. It was quite sticky after having Sam and Gregory here. I visited Megan during her lunch break, then best of all got a phone call from Sarah. I so miss my friend.
Yesterday morning as I was out looking for garage sales, and as I was driving by the old Navy base I saw 3-4 foot high, white, fluffy tumbleweeds blowing across the road.
As I got closer I realized that they were mounds of bubbles! Someone had dumped an awful lot of saop into the big two tiered fountain, practically obscuring it, and sending bubble mountains everywhere. I wish I'd had my camera with me!

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