Sunday, July 22, 2007


We left Jessica and Rays early this morning, but rather than head home we decided last minute to head south and go to Bradenton and Anna Maria Island. Twenty one years ago, thats where we lived. Every morning I would take Jessica and Megan to the beach and we would eat breakfast there, then every evening we would go looking for shells and watch the sunset. Occasionaly we would stop at Taylors Ice Cream shop and get a cone....they make all their ice cream on site and it really is some of the best I've ever had. So after a yummy lunch of fish and chips, (eaten in our car while we watched it rain on the beach,) we went to Tylers for a scoop...two scoops for Brewier. We had forgotten how big their scoops were, like 3 times the size you get anywhere else, and their ice cream is still the best.
Despite my spf of 532 I still burned, but it was such a nice day, it was worth it.

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