Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wednesdays Random Fact....its the last paragraph.

I watched Micah and Emmie for a bit this morning. We had toys stewn about the family room, the nerf rocket launcher was being put to full use and a pretend picnic was being planned. All these things were forgotten once the kids spotted Brewier working in the front yard. They stood at the window for 10 minutes silent, watching him trim back the plants. I thought I was the only one who enjoyed doing that.

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We had the Sears repairman over this morning. It seems that some component in our refrigerator is fried and needs replaced by a part that has to be special ordered. Of course his testing the different parts of the fridge made it start beeping again, lasting for about an hour.

I have a big fear of doctors and dentists and medical procedures. BIG.
Tomorrow I go to have my tooth pulled. This has me anxious and when I'm anxious I bake, only I weighed myself this morning, (something I rarely do, but all my clothes are sooooo tight,) and I weigh more now than ever before, including when we were in Ky and I was eating fried food everyday. How can that be? So I really shouldn't bake, which has me antsy and pacing around the house not really accomplishing anythng. If I had a bottle of "Two Buck Chuck," I would drink it to calm my nerves, only then I would worry that because I had alcohol the day before my tooth was pulled, my blood would still be thin and I would bleed profusely and have weird complications. Because thats the way my life is.

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