Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Not So Beachy.

All my stuff was loaded into Vickies car and we were half a mile from her house when it happened. First my voice went then my chest got tight and I started having trouble breathing. We continued onto McDonalds to get some coffee and an egg Mcmuffin, then back to her house. I was able to get my symptoms under control but we opted to just hang out at her house together instead of chancing it and going to the beach and condo. I've used up all my points this week : ( Nevertheless, we had a fun time together, its nice when you have friends that, "get" you and aren't shocked at some of the things you say, like when she was asking me what you call the water behind the dam. She said," a lake, right?" and I said , "No, its damn water." And she laughed instead of saying,"Hey, were Christians, we don't swear." (Because sometimes we do.)

Random Photo of Addiosn:
Everytime I see this pic it looks like shes thinking, "Whatchu talkin 'bout Willis?"

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