Friday, June 15, 2007

Its So Much Fun to Be Me. Whiney Post About Being Middle Aged.

I had my back molar extracted yesterday and while I didn't bleed to death, there was the odd occurence of the roots of my teeth all being fused together, making the extraction a bit of a surprise for the doctor and a bit more difficult. I always have odd occurences. Like when I was having a baby tooth extracted, getting ready to have braces put on, and there was no permanent tooth to replace it....piece of cake right? Thats what the doctor thought until he pulled it only to find that it was fused to my jaw bone and my jaw bone splintered. I've got lots of stories like that.
I'm supposed to be resting for the next couple of days, meaning I actually feel like exercising. May be its because I know I'm not allowed to exercise. I used to love to exercise...was addicted to it. Ten years ago I was 110 pounds and a size zero. Then health problems and 40 hit. Sigh....oh to be 35 again.
I was standing in my sun filled bathroom window this morning waxing my eyebrows because I'm kind of bored and noticed I now have fine blond hair on my face that glistens in the sunshine. I decided I would try waxing it off. I started with my cheek. The one thats swollen from the extraction. It was such a painfully bad idea, I think I need to wait until the swelling goes down. Until then I have to live with a bald spot on my face.

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