Saturday, June 23, 2007

I'm Melting

Or at least fried and crispy. My project this afternoon was cleaning the lanai. It and everything on it was covered in a thick layer of drywall dust and tile dust, (from the bathroom remodel.) I not only scrubed the screens the windows and the floor, I even did the ceiling. Then I went outside to where all the furniture and stuff was, and cleaned all of it. I started to get tired and a little nauseous, but kept cleaning...I really wanted to get this project finished. ( I'm not so good at pacing myself.) When I finally came in at 3:30, two and a half hours after , I felt pretty sick. I checked to see what the temperature was. It was 101. No wonder I got hot. I've had about 12 glasses of water and a nap since then and am starting to feel better.....except for the sunburn.
Earlier in the day we went to Chamberlins; they were celebrating their 72 anniversary and had all kinds of food samples and vendors there. Brewier won one of the drawings and received a backpack with supplements in it and I got a free chair massage. It was all very festive and we had a good time. Heres all the loot we brought home:

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