Monday, June 25, 2007

I'll Never Sleep Again.

I was enjoying our afternoon rain, reading a book by our picture window when I see the mail truck pull up with our substitute mail boy, (he was much too young to be called a man.) He sat there looking up in the sky at the rain, then up to out front door where the mail slot was. He sat there a few minnutes then made a hurried dash to our door, shoved a hand full of envelopes in then did a sprint back to the mail truck. He sat there a few minutes, looked at the rain faling in sheets from the sky, then again at our front door. Oh dear, he had forgotten to deliver something. This time he jogged to our door slipped a package in the mail slot and walked back to his truck, all hopes of remaining dry forgotten. Usually its a race between Brewier and I to see who gets to the mail first, but I was quite comfortable, and since no magaziznes fell through the slot I knew I didn't have mail. But wait! The package! Brewier said it was for me....but I haven't ordered anything, I said. I tore into the mystery mail and the minute I saw this shirt, I knew who it was from. Roger, the same brother that saved up his allowence to send me army men and give me nightmares. You can read that story here. The gift message with the shirt says, "Sweet dreams Sis." : 0
He makes me laugh, we share the same sense of humor. Thanks Roger, you made my day special.

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