Friday, June 15, 2007

I Am Wesley Snipes.

I was walking past Megan this morning and she asked how I was.
Me, in an Elmer Fudd voice and still walking: "I'm westless is all."
Megan: "You're Wesley Snipes?"
I guess it was funnier in person.

I decided to stop being bored and hem my bedroom curtains. I bought them two years ago at Ikea and while I had them hanging up, they weren't hemmed. Darlene said not to bother, just let them puddle on the floor and thats what I did last summer. I thought I'd do the same thing this year but I'm tired of the fur trimmed puddles. (dust loves to collect on the edges of the cutains.) I've been dreading hemming them. There were 6 panels to be measured trimmed, turned under pinned ironed and sewn. Then I remembered that they came with a heat bond tape. Dare I try it? I've always been about making sure things are done the right way, that garments I made looked as good on the inside as the outside...but I really didn't want to spend all day doing that, so I took the plunge. All I had to do was measure, cut and iron! And nobody else is going to know they aren't done the, "right" way! Except the people who read this blog. So I'm finsihed and the curtains are hanging up. Wow.

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