Friday, June 01, 2007

Hurricane Season Starts Today.

So it was so appropriate that my big freezer in the garage stopped working and I woke up to thawed and dripping food. Apparently the coils had frozen but Brewier fixed the propblem and all is well now.
We also have a tropical storm brewing causing both Brewier and I to have fuzzy heads and feeling out of sorts....hopefully the storm will bring rain and relieve us from this drought. I really think we are both allergic to Florida. For real.
I've spent the afternon cleaning my closet, (you know what that means, Mom,) so much of our "work in progress bathroom," stuff is being stored there, and I couldn't get to my clothes anymore. Hmmmm, what else can I whine about?
I have a cracked tooth causing me a great deal of pain. Its been like this for a few weeks yet I kept putting off taking care of it. I hate dental work. Today I finally decided to call the dentist, only to get a recording telling me his office is closed on Firdays. Brewier has been very sweet while I'm busy being grumpy, even going out to get me McDonalds coffee midafternoon.
I think I need to redecorate the house. Its been five years.
My family is weird, but thats one of the things I love about them. This is a picture of Greg and Gregory. Those are placemats wrapped around their heads. Yep, weird.

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