Saturday, May 05, 2007

What is Today?

Its Cinco de Mayo! I realized this around lunch time, (as you know I live in my own time space continuum which is why I thought Wednesday was Thursday and had Brewier cover my herbs with a sheet so the lawn guy wouldn't spray them, and I didn't figure out it was Wed, until after sitting around half an hour, waiting for my very prompt chiropracter to arrive at my house, that I thought to look at my calender and saw I was a day ahead of the rest of the world,) and told Brewier we should get steak for fajitas and call some friends up and invite them to our fiesta. We're spur of the moment spontaneous kind of people, and thankfully,so are Mark and Darlene. As I was finishing getting the meal ready Dar asked if she could jump an my trampoline, or as Mark reminded us, "Its a rebounder." So as she was bouncing, bouncing, bouncing, I grabbed my camera to get her picture. Sounds easy enough to do except Dar stated she didn't want any pictures that should her flab in motion, and I had to make sure to photograph her when her bosom was in a flattering position, not on the dowwnward bounce when they'd be to high, nor in the upward bounce when gravity would be pulling them downward. She had me laughing so hard it was hard to take any picture at all!
See, no visible jiggling!

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All body parts in a nice neutral position:

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