Monday, May 21, 2007


Today has flown by! A morning visit with Mom and Dick, with Mom bringing us coffee from McDonalds. Darlene stopping by to eat her lunch and visit with us. She had only been here about 15 minutes when Greg and the boys came over. Melissa got off work and she stopped by too! I've also been busy cleaning and feathering my nest. I really miss all my domestic activity when I'm out of town. The refrigerator is sparkling inside and pantry is next. I love cleaning and organizing!
So here are the treasures I found while on vacation.

The polka dot glass set was actually found by Brewier. I was elbow deep in vintage linens when he walked toward me bearing this wonderful old set saying, "I thought this looked like something you'd like." Yeah baby! He's smart like that.
The lantern is actually an old coffee can that someone cut out. I love it and at $2.50 it was a bargain. The dishes I didn't purchase on our first day out, but couldn't stop thinking about them so went back the next day and bought them.

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I hadn't been in the antique shop five minutes when I thought I heard someone whisper Megans name. I turned around and it wasn't a person, but these cute little juice glasses, wanting to belong to her. The vase is an old McCoy piece that we picked up at a yard sale for $5.

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And how tacky/funky is this kleenex box? I thought Megan needed it. It has rhinesones!

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Jessica has some treasures waiting here for her, but until she sees them, I'm not posting any pictures.

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