Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Thanks Russ!

Russ sent me link to Brewiers ESPN piece You can veiw it HERE!
Its been so much fun having Addison and Jessica here. Yesterday we went to Vickies, for a cook out and layed around recovering from our day at Busch Gardens. Did I mention that Brewier stayed at Jessicas and took care of Addison all day while we were off playing? He also fulfilled the roll of Jeeves, driving us to and from Tampa. What a sweetie.
Today Jess and I went to a thrift store to look vintage fabric. She found some napkins from the 70's that she loves, but only brings back memories of horrible 70's fashion for me. Blech! Kind of how she feels about my love of flamingos. I've given her a crash course in sewing and we're going to go out and find a pattern for her to work on, because she has to go home tomorrow. We never seem to have enough time to work on all the projects we want to :(

Megan and Jessica, (and their beer,) at Busch Gardens.

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