Tuesday, May 01, 2007


So I was watching "Heros," last night, I enjoy it now that I know it suposed to be like a graphic novel. Anyway I was thinking, if I could have one superpower, what wold it be. I've always thought being invisible would be fun, going about spying and eavesdropping on people, but since I don't leave my bubble all that much, that super power would be wasted on me. So i'm thinking I'd like to be able to fly. Fly really fast, so I could visit all kinds of places and not have to worry about running into situations where I could't breathe. It would also help me tone my upper arms because everyone know that you have to hold your arms out in front of you like superman if you want to fly. That would be a pretty good workout. Flying really fast while invisible would be even better. What would your superpower be? Keith, I want you to play along on this one, pretty please?
Yesterday I changed my bedroom from its winter look, to its summer look. I still need to work on it a little,,,maybe change out the art work and get some flowers.

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Did I tell you I've developed a drinking problem these past few weeks? I HAVE TO HAVE IT! When I first tasted kombucha tea, I went ,"Ewwww, gross!" But just like salt and vinegar potato chips, everytime i tasted it, I liked it a little more, until it has come to the point where I must always have a bottle in the refigerator. This is what I had Brewier go to the store for yesterday, it was the last day they were on sale.

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This morning Lisa came by and took me to a Habitat for Humanity building supply and thrift store. They're a little pricey on things, but lots of fun to wander around.

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