Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I read Jessica's post today, about how busy she was and all she got accomplished yesterday. I used to have days like those. Then I turned 40. It really does change things. Like today. I walked with Rebecca in the morning, then drove her home. Stopped at Publix to grab a few items so Sam and Gregory coud make pizzas for lunch. Went through McDonalds drive through to get a coffe to fortify myself while I watched the boys. At 11 Melissa drops off the boys, and as i have said before, they are very active boys, keen on wrestling me, running and jumping on me, and climbing up my back if I'm sitting on the floor. That is when we're not playing their favorite game, "Spanker." Sammy came up with the game years ago. I chase them around the house with a wooden spoon, (the spanker,) trying to catch and spank them. They think this is the greatest game ever and want to play it for hours......which we did today. When they left at 2pm, I was exhausted and just wanted to sleep, but first I needed to pick up a toy store worth of Legos and assorted other toys, clean up the pizza making mess and vaccuum and mop...and do some laundry...and make my bed. . Now I feel like death. Forget about lifting weights or exercising. I just want to sit....preferably with a glass of wine in my hand, while someone makes me dinner. Unfortunately Cocoa the house boy had to be on set at 5am this morning, so I don't think thats going to happen.
I don't feel like superwoman as Jessica did. I feel old.

Edit: While playing legos with Sam, he asked me to build him a submarine. I started humming, "Yellow Submarine," After only a few notes of the song he goes, "Thats the Beatles." !!

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