Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Illusion is Shattered

I don't wake up looking like my picture to the left.
Never did I think I would post a picture of myself before I even got out of bed, let alone looking down into the camera without make up on, but Addison came to visit me this morning just as I woke up. She was being so sweet, I snapped her picture. Unfortunately, I'm in it too. Yep, thats what I look like in the morning....ughhh.
After a three day visit, Brewier drove Jessica and Addison home while I cleaned, and did a mountain of laundry. Literally, it was a mountain up to my knees in front of the washing machine. Right now I'm preparing the snacks for Gregs Full Moon Paddle.
It was so much fun going to Costco and buying party food.....maybe I'll do it every month!

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