Friday, May 04, 2007

My New Shoes!

So Sarah wasn't here a half hour before I had her taking pictures of my new shoes. Usually this is Megans job, but shes been with Matthew and his family. So I shoved a camera in her hands and made her get on the floor. Yes, I have very sweet and understanding friends. So here are the fabulous leopard shoes, that I love so much that I walk around the house in them.

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I'm lounging on the sofa as I write this, with Sarah proof reading as i go along. Coco the house boy fixed us his amazing pasta dish for dinner and is now in the kitchen doing dishes. Yes, I know I've got it good. And the very full and happy Sarah agrees. Now I'm going to let her post because she keeps telling me things to write about her. Take it away Sarah!!!!

Yes, I'm back seat typing... I can't help myself! It's just too tempting. I'm having a wonderfully relaxing time catching up on months worth of information and being pampered by my friend. I needed this! Aren't her new shoes gorgeous? I just wish I had her legs to go along with those fabulous shoes. Oh well. I'd break my neck on the streets of New York if I had them... the shoes that is. (The legs too, since I would have to wear shoes like that all the time if I had her legs... sigh...) What can I say? We really do spend at least half of our time looking at each other's new shoes and clothes and swapping shopping stories... it makes us happy. And we like to be happy. We have the rest of the evening ahead of us - probably watch an episode of What Not to Wear, among other things. Without some little person needing food, or drink, or medicine, or ANYTHING from me.... ahhhhh. Now Tricia's on the phone and if she doesn't come back soon I will have taken her blog completely over.

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See. she really was trying to take over my computer!

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