Monday, May 28, 2007

I Can't Believe I Went to a Theme Park on a Holiday Weekend.

But I did and we had a great day! Though we didn't ride any rides which is good since the lines were two hours long. Did you know you can get free beer when you go to Busch Gardens? So instead of fighting the crowds to get on rides, or see shows, we walked around the park sipping free beer, people watching and just having a great time being together. We had a nice leisurly sit down dinner, watching the giraffes and zebras wander around. At 6pm we headed over to the concert area to wait for the Bangles to hit the stage. We were really close to the stage and I was able to shoot this short video despite the security, anti- video people walking back and forth in front of me
The sound is fuzzy because there was a wonderful breeze blowing.

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