Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Giddy Again!

Because its cool outside.. I even had to put a sweater on this morning. Disappointed though because its too smokey to be outside or have my windows open. Even people without breathing problems are having trouble breathing. I'm taking consolation in the fact that Brewier and I will be driving up to Ky Friday...Oh boy! Spring weather! His parents celebrate their 62nd anniversary on Saturday, then my stepson Brett graduates from nursing school on Thursday. I have a few day trips planned for us. I want to go to the Cincinnati Art Museum again, and to Trader Joes. I'm also planning a trip to see Kenny and I'd like to visit Makers Mark.
As for today, I have lots of speckled bananas waiting to made into bread. I should really exercise or lift weights, but I don't hold out too much hope of that happening:)
I'm also packing up my computer to send back to Apple. So long dear friend, sniff, sniff.

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