Thursday, May 10, 2007

Fuzzy Brain.

Oy vey, the smoke! The circles under my eyes are as dark as the sky and I think I have a mild case of carbon monoxide poisoning. For real. Anyway, I was sitting drinking my tea this morning, wondering what I would do today and the phone rang. It was LIsa, wondering if I wanted to do a movie day with her. She had two new movies to watch. "Music and Lyrics",( cute but predictable I'd give it a C ) and "Because I Said So." (tortueous to watch and most annoying, a definite D-) We had a good time watching them together and even ventured out to Hotdog Heaven for lunch, where I was again asked, "Does your husband know you're here?"
I received my Macbook back today all fixed...for the moment. I can't believe how fast they repaired it! I mailed to them in TN on Tuesday afternoon! Unfortunately all my information, photos, music, lost. Like I said, I need someone to teach me how to back up files. But I'm happy to be able to take my computer with me to KY.
Now its almost time or the Office to come on!

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