Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Florida Makes Me Sick.

Brewier too. We both felt much better when we were in KY and I was able to do alot more than I can here. I have several friends who have moved away from Florida for health reasons, and are doing so much better now. Anyway, I did all my whining to Darlene tonight, so thats all I'm going to say about that.
Megan was off of work today and we were able to spend the morning together, thrifting, (after the McDonalds coffee.) I didn't find anything but Meg did though I'm not allowed to say what just yet because it is for someone who reads this blog. Kind of.
After thrifting we went to Sacks, the dent and expired food place, where we were both able to find some organic products that are not defective in any way. As a precaution alot of the stuff is being stored in the freezer, just incase moths might be lurking in the packaging. We still have the occasional moth flying around here. Time for new traps.
These pictures are from Sunday night dinner at Melissa and Gregs. very Sunday night the neighbors and friends gather for a potluck dinner, and now that Greg has a projecter, movies, (A Night at the Museum.)
How can I move away from all this?

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