Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bits and Pieces.

I just got back from Publix, where I kept getting strange looks from people passing by me. When I got home I looked in the mirror to see if I had boogers hanging out of my nose or something. Nope, the nose was ok, but I did notice a stain on my shirt.
Then I remembered that while making tuna for lunch the tuna juice splashed out of the can and on to my shirt. I was going to change my shirt after I ate, and forgot. No wonder I was getting funny looks. I'm sure I smell just lovely.

There have been a few questions about the spanker game. It Is a game. If Sam or Gregory needs a spanking, which rarely happens, it is a very serious manner in which we talk first aboout why a spanking is needed. There is no running about or laughing. The game was made up entirely by Sam, kind of like a game of tag.

Brewier gave out his first autograph while we were in KY. We had gone into a video store and there was the movie he did, "Confessions of a Thug. You've heard of it, right? Anyway the lady working there hears that Brewier is in it and gets all excited and asks for his autograph.
He has had a couple people recognize hiim from the opening of the NFL draft. He is such a star:)

Hope, I wish we would have been at Community Thrift at the same time!
Heidi, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Like every other blogger, I love comments.
Darla, how soon can I visit you:)
Renee, thanks for the coffee, prayer and encouragement.

Jessica, Walk Like an Egyptian!!!!!

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