Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Yes this is my 1000th post. I don't know how to do computer graphics so you'll just have to close your eyes and pretend to see the confetti flying.
This morning I woke up to what I thought was a heavy fog, but with my first breath, realized it was smoke. Ughhh! Withover 200 fires buurnig around us I guess its to be expected. A huricane would sure come in handy right now. Ok not a hurricane, but maybe a couple of really rainy days . Mom and I went to the mall for some nice nonsmokey recycled air, unfortunately it was even smokey inside the mall. I guess there is just no escaping we shopped to take our mind off of the fact it was hard to breathe. I found a really cute pair of white capris, perfect for our trip, and Mom bought them for me. She is also letting me borrow her computer! Thanks Mom!!
Renee is coming over to cut my hair so it will be all spiffy for the trip. Why is she doing it at 9:30 at night? Because despite the fact she is dog tired from preparing for Saras graduation Saturday as well as house guests from N.C. and TN. as well as everything else she is doing, (and trust me she is involved in alot,) she is such a sweet friend, and is making time to cut my hair. Thank You Renee!!! Gotta go, she's here!

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